If you train regularly but you are, sick and tired of boring gym’s than UFC Gym is the right thing for you. We have amazing programs for everyone and experienced coaches that can get the best out of you on any day. UFC gym Sydney presents a revolution when it comes to gym training as it brings multiple combinations of training programs in an attractive and dynamic MMA format. The best thing about programs is that it is suitable for all ages and genders. Learn about the MMA, our programs, and offers now!


Mixed martial arts are experiencing the biggest worldwide interest when it comes to contact combat sports. Just like other contact combat sports, the goal in the MMA is to overpower and achieve dominance over your opponent. Techniques that are being used are throwing, striking, and grappling.

MMA is combining disciplines for multiple martial arts, and those are boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, judo, and sambo. It is the fastest-growing sport, and it is getting huge popularity around the world on a daily basis. Number one organization in the MMA world is the UFC and it presents the best of the best from the MMA, and when talking about the best current heavyweight champion of the world is the American born Croatian champion Stipe Miočić. His roots are from Croatia, a country that gave so many great athletes and especially in the MMA; everybody knows about the legend, Mirko Cro Cop. Croatia not only gave some of the best athletes but it is also an amazing place to visit, it took years for Stipe Miočić to visit his grandfather’s origins but when he did, he showed us what is the best Blue Cave tour from Split.

In order to train mixed martial arts, you need to get your body into good shape. Forget about pumping sets with weights. Here we are talking about weight lifting, cardio training, and a huge variety of combat sports. Your body and your mind need to be fit, but don’t think that is meant to fit people only! UFC gym Sydney has a program for all of the generations, genders, and body types.


Choosing any of our programs you will get professional coaches each responsible for his segment of the process. From martial arts experts to personal trainers that are experts in the field of cardio and weightlifting, we have it all covered. Training MMA is a workout for your bodies and brain, as you will see drastic changes in your mental focus, and confidence. Here you will get something different; something that other gyms cannot offer you. We are providing the ultimate experience and excitement every time you come to our house for the training. Entering our home, you become a part of the exciting sports family. Training with us does not become a part of life, it becomes life!


Working out is always a good habit, but MMA training brings so many more benefits than that. We already mentioned mental focus, and mental benefits are one of the most important parts of this training. Through MMA training, you get to release your frustrations, and stress, that all of us have due to the modern way of life. As much as it is important to take care of your physical health, you need to take care of mental health. Since the MMA is a competitive sport, you get to step out of your comfort zone and you challenge yourself on a daily basis. Yes, it can get dirty, it can get difficult, it can get hard, but ultimately you will feel great satisfaction when you step out of your comfort zone.


Yes, it is safe for anyone to join our gym and train with us. We have experienced licensed coaches with MMA, athletic, and academic background. All of the equipment is under official UFC standards, and we have a physical therapist on sight during operating hours. We do not tolerate violent behavior, physical or verbal abuse, racism, and discrimination on any base. Our home is safe, friendly, and welcoming for every member.

Before the start of the training, our team will test your abilities and make an assessment of your body readiness in order to assign you to a group that fits you the most. You are required to sign a statement about your health condition, and name if you have any disabilities or chronical conditions. Once you start training, you will get safety equipment when the practice is demanding usage.


We will provide you the necessary tools and general safety gear but there are some items that you need to buy for training purposes. Things that you need to bring clean training shoes, shorts, shirt or tank top, mouthpiece, and boxing gloves. We will provide you: shin guard, head guard, MMA gloves, and groin guard.


The only limitation that we have is for the kids, you are not allowed to training at UFC gym Sydney if you are younger than the age of 15. All youth from the age of 15 to 18 must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian when joining our gym. Besides youth limitations, there is no upper limit for the age, as our programs are meant for all age groups. We have a special light senior program, and our senior member is delighted by it.


If you have a bad nutrition habit you should definitely do a change with or without starting with the mixed martial arts. We do not have any rules about nutrition habits but we are more than happy to advise our members on them. Exercise is not complete if you do not follow it with good eating habits, and you are not able to train properly if you do not get the right input to your bodies. Before the training, you should stock your body with good carbohydrates but make sure it is at least an hour before the session. You need to keep your body hydrated the entire day, and especially during the session. After the training, you need to add protein to your bodies and eat light food. Do not forget that everything is useless without good sleep! You need to make sure that in order to grow and heal you need to rest your body.

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